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Would you rather go blind in one eye or lose all of your hair?

I’d probably take the eyesight, but I hesitated for a minute as I answered my own hypothetical question. Which is crazy ! But my guess is, you hesitated for a moment as well. And you’re not alone. A recent UK survey showed that 41%of the men who took the survey chose partial blindness over going bald.

Around one out three men Experience male pattern baldness of various degrees by the age of thirty. Male pattern baldness is progressive , so if you start loosing your hair at an early age , the overall effect is likely to be a bald pate .

Some studies have shown that men with shaved heads look more masculine and dominant , then why is there a stigma around male baldness .Not to mention what a woman at all ages has to go through if she has hair loss or bald patches . Why does the society take you different with less hair/no hair on your head or is it all inside your head ? Whatever the thing is ,be it inside your head  or in the society  !

Hair grows from follicles beneath skin and lasts usually for three to four years before it is shed and new hair grows from the follicle . This cycle continues through out life .

Male pattern baldness occurs when a modified form of testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), begins to attack the hair follicles. This results in the follicles miniaturising and producing thinner and shorter hairs. As your thicker hairs fall out and are replaced by these weaker ones, you start to thin out on top.

Whether you go through this process depends on your genes. If they are coded to resist DHT, you’ll keep your hair. If they are coded to be susceptible, you’re in trouble. The follicles on the back and sides are usually coded to fend off Dihydrotestosterone, which is why it’s common for men to keep their hair there. The genes for hair loss can come from either parent.

Hair loss among women is more common than you might think. It can be caused by a number of factors, including, like male-pattern hair loss, hormonal change. Specifically, these are male hormones (androgens) so the hair loss can happen any time from adolescence onwards, but is most likely to occur post-menopause when female hormones decrease and male hormones increase. As in male-pattern baldness, testosterone is converted to DHT and this results in the follicles producing smaller hairs. 

Science and technology has developed expediently and so has hair transplanting procedures, Hair transplant surgery is on the rise.

Hair transplant techniques are so advanced nowadays that it can reverse your hair loss/ balding in such a way that no-one will ever come to know that you were loosing hair. And these techniques are not just restricted to scalpel hair but also facial and body can be transplanted similarly.

why take so much hassle while you have an easy and simple surgical treatments to help you get your glory back !

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