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Tips to Go Back to work after hair Transplant

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Male pattern baldness often becomes an undesirable trait with unfavorable repercussions. However, help is available in the form of a hair transplant. No doubt, hair transplant surgery is the best solution to your hair loss woes. The process starts with a primary meeting you will have with the surgeon. The session will constitute discussions regarding the problem, causes of the hair loss, the suitability of the treatment and the type of results the patient can expect.

The transplant process

When the surgeon aims for the restoration of your hair he has the optimal advantage in mind.

The primary step is to mark the donor and the recipient area.

It is followed by the extraction of hair follicles from the donor site.

After the extraction, the grafts are placed in the recipient area.

The procedure is completed by carefully stitching the skin together.

The transplanted hair follicles give rise to new hair which sheds after some days. However, new natural growth is seen in these areas.

The patient can expect a full head after several months.

Going back to the grind

Returning to work is a topic of major concern for any surgery patient but more so for the transplant patients. There has to be an element of secrecy if you wish to keep the matter private. Of course, following the precautions is of prime importance. For people with desk jobs or basic office duty, returning and carrying on the work will not be a difficult activity.

The healing time differs for each of us and the period you will take to feel comfortable working in the office will depend on you.

People with heavy-duty jobs will have to wait longer to return, ideally 7-14 days. The surgeon may be able to provide you with the recovery period idea considering your work role and the pattern of hair loss.

Early recovery period 

The patients will have to bear with the below-mentioned symptoms in the early recovery period-

  • Bruising in the operated area
  • Soreness and Swelling on the scalp
  • Scabbing
  • Redness or blotches on the operated area

These are common side effects and can be handled by following the instruction given by the doctor. You might consider taking a break from work due to these very effects.

Tips for Hair Transplant Surgery Recovery

Wear a bandana or cover the head with a cap to prevent direct sun exposure sun and prevent scabbing.

Some workplaces don’t allow you to cover your head. If that is the case, then you will have to take time off.

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