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The Follicular Unit Hair transplantations Technique With No Visible Scarring

Follicular Unit Transplantation The revolution of Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Hair transplantations are implanted to obtain that exceptional cosmetic goal we always wanted to achieve when it comes to hair transplant in Chennai. This is to be done in the least possible extraction of grafts with the best result in growth effective grafts in a single session.

  • You certainly have a great number of advantages when you take a large number of follicular units.
  • Chances of hair restoration increase as the quantity of grafts increases.
  • Chances are, people won’t need to waste any time from their daily schedule that includes there work and social being.

Surgical Transplantation on a scalp for the first time also has some featured advantages:

  • The blood supply remains intact.
  • The tissue connected consists of a normal level of elasticity.
  • Grafts are allowed to be kept close to each other.
  • Optimization of Graft’s Survival.

Advantages of using a brand-new donor scalp or any other part that consists of effective grafts for regrowth:

  • Since the donor’s area is new in terms of being a donor, the density of the grafts is certainly maximum at every instance and thus gives more ice cream in a single scoop (higher amount of grafts while striping once).
  • Mobility of a virgin scalp is at its peak which in turn increases the chances of increasing the hairline.
  • There are no scars from any previous surgery (if scalp never had surgery). This, in turn, increases follicular unit yield.
  • Since the angle of the hair is at a normal position, chances of follicular transection are slightly less.

From every experience in the field of hair transplant, it is concluded that the best step for a hair transplant is if it is done exceptionally in the very first session. The best procedure of hair among all should be the first one for greater results since your head (or back if the donor area that is chosen is the back) is still virgin to everything.

Some Cons of Heavily Large Sessions of Hair Transplant

  • If the surgeon wants to put in a large number of grafts in a very small area of the patient, it becomes a little complex and critical. Moreover, when making recipients very small, dissection of the dermis that is covering the follicular unit is to be done. The dermis is responsible for protecting Follicular Units from warming and any sort of trauma that happens mechanically.
  • For this procedure of packing everything up in a smaller area, 4 units with the highest density and chances of increasing regrowth are dissected into much smaller parts. These smaller parts increase the chances of a transaction. Moreover, this also increases the total cost of the procedure as it depends upon the number of grafts.

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