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Restore High Volume of Hair with FUE Hair Transplant

Restore High Volume of hair with FUE hair transplant

Some people equate hair loss with the advancing age. Some, however, would not want to go bald so soon. Of course, you can do little to counter the effects of aging but you can do a lot to maintain your head with full hair. If you have started witnessing hair loss, you can opt for a hair transplant if nothing else seems to work for you. The treatment method has been around for decades but it has seen a lot of popularity and diversification in the last few years. So tighten your seat belts, we are on a journey related to hair transplant surgery.


FUT and FUE are the two main ways in which hair transplant is carried out. FUT involves the extraction of a long strip of the scalp from the patient’s donor site. These hair grafts are known as follicular units. They usually contain 1-4 hair strands. After collecting the grafts from the donor strip, they are transplanted to the balding spots, which are usually referred to as the recipient area. With time, these follicular units grow just like natural hair and add to the volume of the of patient’s hair.

What are the plus points of getting the FUT procedure?

The technique has struck a chord with many hair loss patients as it provides great results apart from the advantages given below-

  1. Apt for a large number of grafts-It is apt for transplanting a large number of hair grafts. It is possible to do so with a single FUT procedure. As far as FUE is concerned, it can transplant only 2000 grafts at a time. However, you can expect a transplant of around 4000 grafts which is just double the figure of FUE.
  2. Assured follicle survival: FUT offers a high follicle survival rate. While performing hair transplants, some follicles are lost. FUT procedure assures you of a high follicle survival rate which eliminates the requirement of multiple procedures. This fact holds high significance in patients who have limited donor area. People with limited donor area are bound to prefer the procedure as there are low chances of loss of precious resources like follicles.
  3. Least scarring: It is a myth that FUT leads to a lot of scarring, which is why the patients avoid the procedure. Sure, a long strip of the scalp is removed but the surgeons ensure that there is minimum scarring. The scar appears to be very thin and slight after the skin heals. The scar can also be easily hidden under the hair once it grows back.

The natural conclusion is that you have a nearly perfect procedure with FUT. So opt for it if you need an efficient and long-lasting hair transplant procedure.

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