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Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Psychological Effects of hair loss

Hair loss is something that affects you more than your physical appearance. The people suffering from hair loss undergo a storm of negative emotions like depression and loss of self-esteem. They are depressed with the way they look and get frustrated when the various options don’t work in their favor. They become hopeless due to the unavailability of any viable solution for their condition. They may even complain about the ineffectiveness of the cosmetics, shampoos, and oils which claim to revive their hair growth. When a person is at such a juncture, hair transplant is the only feasible solution one can suggest. First of all, we must have a look at the various Psychological Effects one has after hair loss –

  1. Psychological Disorders 

People with hair loss are more likely to experience Psychological Disorders like Depression, and anxiety. In extreme cases, they may get paranoid, and develop sociophobia (fear of socializing). They also fear to lose their hair completely.

  1. A dip in Self-Esteem

Low self-confidence gives rise to many other problems like being dissatisfied with their looks, lack of self-esteem and avoiding social interaction. This can lead to high levels of stress which could further trigger more hair loss, turning it into a vicious cycle. Women with hair loss are more likely to show high stress and embarrassment. According to research, hair loss due to stress is more than hair loss due to cancer treatment.

  1. Introvert behavior 

People with hair loss usually start avoiding social interaction and become introverted. They steer clear of interacting with people due to their dwindling hair. Such behaviors could be self-destructive in the long run.

What can be done about it?

    • If your hair loss is due to some medication or chemotherapy for cancer treatment, then it is a temporary condition. The hair will come back after a few days of treatment. So you need not worry about it.
    • It is better to socialize more rather than getting holed up at your home. The friends who care for you will not be bothered about your physical appearance, rather they will help you come out of your depression. For friends and family, who you are from the inside will matter more than how you look from the outside.
    • Talk about the matter with your doctor. In case the problem has started recently, then it may be arrested by using medications.
    • In case the hair loss follows a stabilized predictable pattern, you can opt for a hair transplant. It will offer permanent hair growth which is just similar to the natural hair. You can also use the technique of hair stimulation, which will create an illusion of a fuller scalp.

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