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Is Itching after Hair Transplant Normal?

Is itching after hair transplant normal

Undergoing the treatment of hair transplantation can be exciting as it is going to solve your issue of hair loss. But one thing which patients worry about is the itching part. Is this normal and what should be done. Read the given topic to understand whether itching is part of the hair growth.

When we were a kid and while playing there might be a few occasions when you fell and cut the knee. It would have been very painful and itchy. You might feel like pulling the scabs but your mother told you not to do that. This is because you will end up getting a scar.

Well, the same goes for the hair transplant. When the body is healing through a cut or incision it is going to itch. The hair grafts are removed by using a small punch tool from the donor area, which is going to itch as you heal. Although the puncture holes are very small still they are wounds.

How does the body deal with the healing process?

  • The wounds go through the same manner when they are healing. The skin is damaged which can bleed but the bleeding will depend on the wound size. The bleeding will stop and the clots will get dry which will start forming protective scrap around the wound. Following the hair transplant surgery, this way the risk of infection and bacteria will be less while it will be in the healing process.
  • During this point, the immune system is also protecting the body against infection. There might be swelling and tenderness which is normal.
  • The skin will be repaired by platelets and white blood cells. The new tissue will fill the wound and in a few weeks, new skin will be there. At this point, there might be itching as the scabs are falling off. The skin will be slightly pink which is completely normal. It might take some time as your body is healing.

But what is the reason behind itching?

The while and red blood cells are doing their work and during healing, the wound draws inwards which makes it smaller in size. When the tiny holes are being healed the skin cells will pull themselves together which is going to make the wound shut. Due to this, the nerves get activated which sends a signal to the spinal cord and it results in itching.

What to do?

You should avoid sunlight, swimming, sexual activity, hot bath, or sauna. Make sure you are using medications and instructions given by the surgeon. Make sure you drink plenty of water and neither smoke nor drink a few weeks before & after the surgery. The doctor might suggest you apply vaseline or skin oil to control the itching. Just do what you are told and there will be no issue.

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