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Is It Possible To Fix A Bad Hair Transplant

Is It Possible To Fix A Bad Hair Transplant

Everyone harps about the success they achieved while the failures are easily swept under the carpet. The hair transplant cases also share the same fate. Some hair transplant cases can also be disappointing as sometimes the surgeries are not successful. This can leave the head scarred and botched up. It is one of the worst experiences to witness a hair transplant gone bad. It feels like being betrayed by your surgeon if the surgery fails to produce desirable results.

If you have witnessed such a hair loss treatment surgery then you must be well aware of the consequences it has on the patient. It can lead to both physical and psychological harm. Imagine going through the tedious procedure, using up all your finances and donor hair resources only to get disappointed at the end. Nothing can be worse than this. However, the damage is not completely irreplaceable. The poor results can be fixed. The latest breed of hair transplant doctors can rectify a botched up hair transplant surgery, whether it was caused by an out-dated procedure or due to poor skills of the surgeon.

How is a bad hair transplant fixed?

We offer complete trichological solutions to every problem, including bad hair transplant. The measures we use will completely cover the flaws of the last surgery and give you a new look. We use the following treatments for correction –

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

Both the procedures are surgical and the patient should be careful to choose the right clinic and an experienced surgeon to get your restorative procedure done.

FUT –It involves the transfer of healthy hair follicles from the donor area to the scarred area. This transfer is done in the form of small strips. The strips are extracted from the donor area and are cut into smaller units before inserting into the scalp of the patient.

FUE carries out the same procedure using electronic punches. The individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor areas and inserted into the areas which need it.

FUT or FUE -Which method is the better option?

Both procedures offer great results but FUT results in scarring as it uses the strip method for extraction. On the other hand, FUE does not result in scarring as it uses the electronic punch method. One more advantage that you have with FUE is that it takes less time to heal while the FUT takes a long time to heal. It is up to the personal preference of the patient and the recommendation of the doctor that which technique will be used.

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