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Is Hair Transplant Different for Curly Hair and Straight Hair

Is hair transplant different for curly hair and straight hair
Hair loss is a common condition, which is experienced by almost everyone in his life. If you are also suffering from hair fall, then do not take tension about anything because there are so many treatment options are available these days for hair loss. In which hair transplant is the best, which has two primary solutions such as FUT and FUE as well.

A hair transplant is designed to get rid of hair fall or baldness as well. If you are suffering from excessive hair fall then you must go with hair transplant surgery. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that gives you the mind-blowing results according to your hair condition. You may not know that hair fall is a common condition in both sexes that is caused due to several factors.

Well, millions of people ask us, how this hair transplantation works. In order to understand the process of hair transplantation, you have to talk to a specialist. Or you just read this article carefully at the end since we are going to give you detailed information about curly and straight hair or hair transplantation for both hair types as well.

Hair Transplantation

As we stated above, hair transplantation has two types such as FUT and FUE. Now, let’s have a look at both treatment options.

FUT-: This procedure is known as follicular unit transplantation, in which your doctor removes a small strip of hair follicles. Then prepare these hair follicles to transplant in the affected area. You may not know that this treatment option provides you thicker hair for life.

FUE-: Follicular unit extraction is quite popular among people because this treatment option does not have any type of side effect. In this treatment option, your surgeon removes the hair follicles one by one. Or this treatment option does not involve any type of incision and stitches as well, and there is no risk of scarring.

No doubt, both these treatment options have significant advantages and uses as well. You may not know that FUT is beneficial for wavy or curly hair whereas FUE is designed for straight hair.

FUT for Curly Hair

As we said earlier, in this follicular unit transplantation, surgeon collects the strip of hair. So, with curly hair it is not possible to collect a single hair, that’s why FUT is the well-known technique for curly hair.

FUE for Straight Hair

The collection of a single hair is quite easier with straight hair as compared to curly or wavy hair. FUE works on straight hair because your doctor collects the single hair follicle without any incision and stitches as well. So, if you have straight hair then you must go with this treatment option. It will surely give you mind-blowing results.

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