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How and when to wash my hair after treatment of Hair Transplant

Wash after Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Pune is a boon to the society where people suffer from those clear bald patches that make them feel old. Do patients usually have queries regarding how the procedure is done? How to make it through? After a successful treatment, some forget about asking the cautionary details after the hair transplant.

  • The quality of the hair is determined by three-factor:
  • The surgery.
  • Natural Growth.
  • How you take care of it after surgery.

Some tips on how and when to wash your hair after surgery of hair transplant

  • Take at least 2 days after the surgery before you wash the hair. Body shower is no problem but make sure you wear a shower cap before that.
  • A gentle Hair wash is a requirement in the first 100 Hours of the Surgery. Scrubbing should be avoided as some of the newly planted follicles might get displaced from their original position.
  • Do not use a shower. The direct water in strings is forceful and can damage the newly implanted follicles. Try going for a gentle shower or water from a bucket.
  • If you would like to shampoo, try using your hands beforehand. Take a little shampoo and rub it in your hands. Now slowly and gently put them inside your hair with careful strokes of rubbing.
  • Shampoo, when mixed with water, is much less dense and easier to rub. Try putting shampoo in a mug and then put that shampoo water solution onto your head. Now gently caress your head with gentle strokes.
  • Rough Days of itching are normal after the surgery. This could continue for several days and is nothing of worry. The part where the follicles were extracted is covered with small red spots after the surgery. Do not worry as these spots will eventually fade away. If the itching continues to bother you, simply apply some conditioner over it. However, wait for at least 2 days after the surgery before you do that. Do it in a non-threatening circular motion that looks like a massage. This will help you from the itching that has been caused.
  • If the spots exist for long, you may try to remove them after 7 days from surgery by applying lotion like a conditioner that might cause them to fade.
  • Spots are a problem. You need to get rid of them as soon as possible. To do that, continue to apply conditioner and shampoo every day. Do this after the first two days of post-recovery. The spots usually fade away in a matter of 14-15 days or so. If they don’t, try consulting with your surgeon. All this fades the chances of infection as well.

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