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Hair Transplant Questions that You Must Ask Your Doctor

Hair Transplant Questions that Your Must Ask Your Doctor (1)

Hair loss is a common condition that is common in both sexes. In this case, you need to go through hair loss treatment, that is a hair transplant. This is the best hair loss treatment that gives you mind-blowing results that last forever. However, you need to get proper information prior to surgery, and you must clear your all doubts in advance.

Hair transplant is a valuable treatment for those who are suffering from excessive baldness and alopecia areata. Hair loss is experienced by almost everyone once in life. Well, it is curable, but sometimes, you need to go through hair loss treatment. No doubt, there are several numbers of hair fall treatments available, but these do not offer you mind-blowing results as compared to hair transplant surgery In Pune.

In this condition, you need to visit the specialist, so that you can discuss your problem with him and get the best solution. Millions of people are afraid of the results of this hair transplantation procedure, so, in this case, you need to ask a specialist about your queries.

Here are some important questions that you must ask your specialist in your consultation period.

Is it painful?

Well, there are two types of hair transplantation procedures such as-:

FUT-: FUT is explained as Follicular Unit Transplantation, that is completely traditional treatment. If you are going through this treatment, then you will surely experience little pain because your surgeon collects the group or strip of hair grafts from the back of the head.

FUE-: This is a well-known method that stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This method offers you many benefits such as no scarring and no pain as well. Since in this procedure, your surgeon collects single hair from the back of the scalp and then transplant it to the affected area.

Is hair transplantation noticeable?

No, well, if you meet a person for the first time after getting hair transplantation, he will not be able to judge you. Since there is no difference between transplanted hair and natural hair as well. Since transplanted hair is also your hair, that is collected from the back of the scalp.

Does it offer instant fuller hair growth?

No, you need to wait for some time such as for at least 6 months to one year. However, you can start noticing your hair growth within three months after the procedure. If you follow the instructions of your surgeon, then you will surely get fuller and gorgeous hair growth.

Will my transplanted hair seems different or the same?

You do not take tension about anything because your transplanted hair completely looks natural the same as your other hair grafts. This only happens because your transplanted hair is taken from the back of the scalp. So, your hair does not seem different and they will not noticeable.

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