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Hair Fall Treatment

Hair fall can only be treated only by treating the root cause behind it. There are many products that claim to stop hair fall but, there are no proven results that hair fall can be stopped completely. It can be reduced to a certain extent but not cured. So, how can you treat hair fall.Visit Hair and skin factory for a free consultation on hair fall or any hair related queries. The doctor will ask your history and ask you to get some blood tests done to determine the exact reason for all. Only after proper check-up and test results the doctor will be able to suggest you medicines or hair fall treatment .Hair fall can also be treated with the help of certain cortical treatments such as hair transplant surgery, hair weaving etc.

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Everybody loves to flaunt their hair, it is, in fact, the crowning glory of an individual. Shedding of hairs is a completely normal process. As the hair sheds, it is replaced by a new hair from the follicle which is just below the surface. Most of us know and feel that hair grows and falls almost instantly. But we generally draw a conclusion based on the thickening or thinning of the hair which is contrary to the reality. In reality, Hair grows just like any other physiological and natural processes around the earth, it undergoes a complete cycle of growth. Hair growth can then be summed up as when the rate of growth of hair is more than that of shedding whereas when the rate of hair fall is much more than the growth rate then it is termed as hair loss. Watching hair loss all over the comb and pillow can often prove to be depressing for some as it lowers the self-confidence and lowers the self-esteem. It has become widespread and is also a major cause of distress among many people.

Before going for a hair loss treatment it is better to opt for free consultation at your nearest Hair and skin factory so as to know the cause of the hair loss and the available treatment options.


After the problem is Diagnosed there would be many effective treatment options available, one might be able to go for a hair replacement, hair transplant or hair implant. In case of permanent hair loss technologically advanced hair transplantation option such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Using the transplant procedure can make most of the hair that is left. At hair and skin factory the treatments are tailor made for all your needs and is affordable .

Tips for Hair Fall Prevention

Most of the hair loss is due to the genetic factor and so is not preventable. Though the following tips may help you avoid preventable kind of hair loss:-

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