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Guidelines for Patient for Swimming after Hair Transplant

Guidelines for patient for swimming after hair transplant
Taking care of the hair in every possible condition is very important. In case, you love to swim and recently got the treatment of hair transplantation then also you need to be aware of certain things. In this topic, we have mentioned the guidelines on how to swim after the hair transplantation.

No doubt, taking a dip in the pool is quite relaxing in the humid and hot weather. It does give you relief from the harsh sun rays. But, if you have undergone the hair transplant then you need to wait for some time.

No doubt, patients who have undergone the hair transplant surgery to get the desired results they are looking for. But, this is also true that to make sure everything goes properly and without any complications, you need to follow the aftercare instructions given by the surgeon properly. Keeping that thing in mind, swimming too soon after the surgery can lead to a certain risk.

Giving the hair grafts proper time to heal

After the hair transplant treatment, it is important that the graft should be given enough time to heal. If there is any type of disturbance then it is possible that it can lead to problems that can include affecting the hair growth and hair density. This is the reason doctors always advice that you should not put any type of stress.

Chlorinated water is very harmful

The chlorinated water can keep the virus and bacteria under control but it is possible that they can affect the hair grafts. There is evidence that chlorinated water put hair grafts to the risk. This is the reason, abstaining from swimming after the surgery is important.

Harmful effect on fresh and ocean water

There are certain contaminants present in the freshwater which can increase the risk of infection. Earlier it might be possible that you take a dip in the ocean water but now we all know even the ocean water is not that clean. Along with that, it is ideal to stay away from rivers, oceans, and lakes for some time.

When it is possible to swim again?

Ideally, patients should avoid swimming in pools for 2 to 4 weeks following the surgery. In this time, the scalp will heal. This way the chlorine is not going to affect the grafts once the time has passed.

Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions

With any surgery, it is essential that you follow the guidelines given by the surgeon. Even after the ideal time period do consult your surgeon if it is okay for you to swim again. By consulting the doctor it will help to eliminate the risk and the outcomes of the surgery will be as you expected. For any information or query feel free to contact our doctor at any time.


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