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Follicular Unit Transplantation: The revolution of Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation The revolution of Hair Transplant

FUT is the worldwide most recognizable and the most revolutionary hair transplant that is offered. When it comes to FUT the chances of panic should go down to negligible since no side effect guarantee is given in a FUT surgery.

So, what is FUT?

Follicular Unit Transplantation or well known as FUT is a method of re-growing hair by removing the follicular units from their native places and migrating them to another part of the scalp where there are bald patches or so. Wouldn’t I have bald patches in another area if follicular units are removed from their original places? The answer is no. Follicular Units in the growth area have active growth. Even if all the hair is removed from that part, they will grow eventually. SO you need not worry about that situation.

Is the price too high?

First, it is low compared to the delicacy of the surgery. Secondly, its delicate not complicated and chances of success are high. Cost of Hair Transplant in Rajahmundry is comparatively low than all those western towns and states implement. The cost generally is also low as it only costs around 200-400 INR for around 10 grafts. The cost varies according to geological locations as well. In the whole country, it changes from state to another.

Follicular Unit Transplantation Candidates Eligibility

It is not a procedure really but still, you need to see some aspects to verify if you are eligible enough for a FUT hair transplant or not.

Consult with a reputable and most importantly, an experienced surgeon to verify the conditions.

Following Factors determine the success rate of the whole procedure:

  • The cause that makes you bald is genetic. This can be predicted by analyzing similar bald patches or patterns that someone in your family has.
  • The success rate of surgery can go high if you have a reasonably good amount of hair follicles on the back or the side of your head as the hair follicles that are to be extracted are from these parts of the scalp.
  • Appearance change with hair loss also affects the quality of hair re-growth.

The changes that FUT brought int the world of Hair Transplantation

Natural Results

Prevention is better than cure but, in some cases, you simply cannot prevent. FUT is a solution for people who gave up on boosting confidence by enhancing their looks.

Effective while Fast

The method used in the harvesting of follicular modules in FUT is Strip Harvest. A single harvest takes a large number of grafts in a single turn.


FUT while using Strip harvest costs very less compared to any of the other options. Pay per Graft method is implemented.

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