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hengtong attended the commencement ceremony of  
“track traffic information and automation control of developing countries”

 on 28 october 2015, wu jian who is the vice general manager of hengtong international business department was invited to the training class commencement ceremony of "track traffic information and automation control of developing countries" in suzhou guoxin yadu hotel.

the training is organized by the chinese commerce department. it attracted nearly 20 foreign students and they are mostly the officials of the track traffic systems or related project directors from myanmar, south africa, dominican and so on. the program aims to share the chinese achievements in the track traffic field, to make the technical communication and promote the cooperation for china and other developing countries.

during the ceremony, mr. wu introduced prosperous situation, main services, the status of the entire industry, especially the overseas business of hengtong group  and announced that "hengtong endeavors to provide the cable system solutions and the optical fiber with excellent quality for customers around the whole world. for track traffic system, hengtong supplies the full range of signal and power connection scheme and it has been the soul of the track traffic."
finally, mr. wu represents hengtong group to expressed the heartfelt wish that hoping all participants could insist a appreciate attitude to taste a different china and harvest a joyful and unforgettable chinese training trip. besides, mr.wu showed hegntong group has fully prepared for any inspection of everyone.