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hengtong optic-electric co.,ltd had non-public fund-raising 1.106 billion yuan , of which 207 million yuan to be invested in the odn project , after completion of the odn project , is expected to form a new annual 1.81 million units /year odn production capacity, products include optic fiber patch panels , cable transfer boxes, cable distribution boxes , optical splitter boxes, network cabinets, integrated pallets , cable connector box, triple network sharing series , integrated cabinets of 4g base stations, optic fiber rapid connectors and intelligent odn product series , a total of11 classification products.
announcement notice that the establishment of hengtong optical network co.,ltd just changed the company subject of odn project , did not change the direction of investment projects to raise funds and content , will not cause a substantial impact on implementation of equity investment projects and investment income , does not belong to investment projects substantive changes.