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on may 19, 2021, mrs. verónica iliescu, ceo of cablescom, participated in the cru wire & cable 2021 virtual conference (may 18-20) at the “fibre & communications cable market leadership strategies” panel.

in her presentation “the future of connectivity-challenges and opportunities for optical fiber manufacturers”, verónica shared insights into the covid impact, the opportunities for digital growth, the eu recovery plan and the 5g infrastructure. before closing up, she envisioned a fiberized future enlightened by connectivity.

“we have to adapt to this new world. the reaction and possibility we had not to stop the businesses, not to stop the economy was highly related to how well we were prepared for this,”verónica said.


she showed the audience the opportunity brought around by the pandemic. from april 2020-2021, the population of internet users increased by at least 332 million (up 7.6%), while that of the active social media users surged by 521 million (up 13.7%). these underline the relevance of telecommunication, which is regarded as critical infrustructure thanks to the pandemic.


in this situation, cablescom will contribute to replicating the “spanish fiber miracle” in 5g and making spain a digital hub. “our connectivity plan is totally aligned with the connecting plan of europe.”

cablescom has a dna that is shaped by different groups it belongs, verónica said. “we wish to use our unique dna, our unique culture, our unique way of doing things to support the future of connectivity, having china and europe together using the best know-how, opportunity and knowledge.”

the panel was followed by a q&a session, in which the speakers exchanged views on questions come up with by the audience online, questions such as:


how to best adapt to the decrease in price?


what are the most important things suppliers can do to help cable manufacturers during such a time?


do you think some chinese companies will, let’s assume antidumping measures come into force for europe, look to establish cable plants in europe?


in answering the third question, also as a response to the naming of cablescom as a member of a chinese group, verónica explained to the audience and the fellow panelists:


when hengtong decided to enter europe years ago, there’s no idea of the antidumping issue. therefore the purpose of hengtong’s globalization is not to avoid antidumping. the purpose of hengtong’s globalization is to be closer to the customers. in the same way, we are growing as a group in several other countries, and not only in europe.


verónica said that in her personal opinion, even though some chinese companies would buy, or build, some european factories, at the end of the day, they would localize. 


the three-day conference was graced by some two dozen speakers from the global wire and cable industries, and attracted numerous delegates around the world to watch and get involved online.