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"asean is an important location for hengtong group’s international strategic, we has set representative office in the four countries in southeast asia, 25% of our international business is concentrated in the region." october 9, after attending apec (apec ) meeting along with state leaders, hengtong gourp chairman cuigenliang came back to suzhou. cuigenliang said the apec trip further enhance the level of hengtong’s international strategy and level, speeded up the process of hengtong’s internationalization.

accelerating the internationalization of the firm is the development strategy for hengtong in the way to building a century enterprise. "there are mostly island countries in asean, electricity and communications resources is lacking relatively. at the same time, the asean is free trade zone, which providing hengtong a good chance in accelerating the internationalization." cuigenliang said that the asean market has become the focus of hengtong’s international strategy, hengtong has set representative office in indonesia, the philippines, thailand and myanmar. based on these "base", hengtong’s business volume grew by four or five time in southeast asia this year. especially china and indonesia were promoted to the comprehensive strategic partnership, and it opened the facilitation door for bilateral economic and trade.

cuigenliang said that the apec summit will play an active role in pushing hengtong’s international strategy. hengtong has not only strengthened the links with industrial and commercial circles in southeast asian countries virtually, but also expanded hengtong’s popularity in southeast asia, particularly in the areas of power transmission and communications. this let southeast asian countries have a new understanding of the "going out" chinese private enterprises and the comprehensive strength of hengtong, which added a lot of favorable factors for hengtong accelerating the implementation of international strategy. assistant of the president wuruqi said, in southeast asia, hengtong has now entered in the field of working with the local operators, even the local core departments, which will provide national level support to carry out the company's future international business.