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1、htgd wins iot innovation award on “2020 ict industry ranking list of china”


at the awarding ceremony of the 2020 ict industry ranking list held on january 8 in beijing, htgd’s iot technology-based disaster prevention and alleviation observation system was conferred the iot innovation award.


this system, by adopting big-data iot platform and the positioning distributed optical fiber sensing technology, establishes an iot observation system that integrates data collection, analysis, processing, online transmission and terminal display.


2、htgd accredited the demonstration project of pilot industrial internet application


on the list of the demonstration projects of pilot industrial internet application of 2020 published by the ministry of industry and information technology recently, htgd’s “5g industrial internet” smart industrial park project was approved as the national-level demonstration project of pilot industrial internet application.this project of hengtong explores a new model of intelligent manufacturing with 5g application by forging an online 5g industrial internet platform through establishing a 5g sa mec private network.


3、hengtong companies recognized bases for post-doctors


according to a recent notice by jiangsu provincial department of human resources and social security, hengtong submarine power cable co., ltd., among others, were approved to establish jiangsu province innovation and practice bases for post-doctors.


4、htgd approved of four authentications of world-class products in two months


in the recent meetings held in beijing and suzhou respectively, hengtong optic-electric had its 6 new products authenticated by panels of academicians and experts.

among the 6 products, 2 communication-related new products and 2 electric power-related products were identified as “of world-leading level”. the other 2 products were identified as “of advanced level in the world”. they are:


-the optical fiber cable system with coupled core for wireless remote radio unit


-the all-environment optical-electric composite cable and corollary components system


-the mini central tube air-blowing optical fiber cable system


-the gel-free ribbon optical fiber cable system


-the power-use non-metal fire retardant optical cable system


-the power-use pre-made optical fiber cable system.


5、hengtong power cable topping the “10 outstanding bus line, wire & cable system brands of intelligent bulding electrical industry”


at the awarding ceremony of the 9th “ten outstanding bus line & cable system brands of intelligent bulding electrical industry” & the 6th bulding electrical technology symposium held in beijing recently, hengtong power cable co., ltd., with highly acknowledged brand recognition, technological innovation, market size and customer satisfaction, was crowned the championship.