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on july 25, 2019, from 11:00 to 13:30 p.m., hengtong aberdare cables held a grand unveiling ceremony for the launch of the aberdare high voltage manufacturing plant in port elizabeth.

the total investment of the project was more than zar 135 million. this  investment expands the products portfolio of aberdare cables from a current level of 33kv to a new product offering up to 132 kv. the whole production line already has full production capacity, becoming the third african company capable of producing high-voltage cables.

on the day of the ceremony, guests included mr. ebrahim patel, minister of trade and industry and economic development of south africa, ambassador lin songtian of the embassy of the people's republic of china to the republic of south africa, mr fikile majola ,deputy minister of trade and industry, mr. mlungisi mvoko, eastern cape mec for finance and economic development, and mr. mongameli bobani, executive mayor of the nelson mandela bay metro. together with customers, partners and media, more than 140 people were in attendance. the launch of the high-voltage cable manufacturing plant is an important step towards hengtong's internationalization and in direct response to president cyril ramaphosa’s campaign to attract investment. 

proceedings of the day included a factory tour of the high voltage line by customers. aberdare ceo, dr. song haiyan presented the development of hengtong and aberdare. mr. ebrahim patel, and ambassador lin songtian unveiled the aberdare high-voltage cable production line and delivered the keynote addresses.

first of all, dr. song haiyan expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the distinguished guests and media friends for attending. he shared that hengtong's investment will bring more employment opportunities to local young people and women.  in this hv projects, more than 50% of the r135m is spent on locally procurement and most of the raw materials will be also be procured locally. he pointed out that aberdare would adopt a new model to carry out its business and would work closely with epc contractors, accessories suppliers and testing parties.

ambassador lin songtian spoke highly of the assistance given by the south african government departments to chinese-funded enterprises in south africa, and made a systematic analysis of south africa's advantages in attracting foreign investment. in his report, he also mentioned that government departments need to relax visas for chinese technical managers, as well as incentives and tax relief policies from government need to be sustained.

in the speech of mr. ebrahim patel, he mentioned that the investment of hengtong, the world's leading cable manufacturer, has brought new employment opportunities to south africa. at the same time, he responded to president cyril ramaphosa’s localization requirements and confirmed president cyril ramaphosa’s assertion that south africa has a strong attraction for foreign investment.

“wealth and jobs are created by expanding productive capacity. the government will deploy industrial policy measures to support manufacturers as that opens economic opportunities for the industry and for the country at large,” patel said. 

the celebration reached its climax at 1:30 p.m., mr. ebrahim patel, minister of trade and industry and economic development of south africa, ambassador lin songtian of the embassy of the people's republic of china  to the republic of  south africa, mr. mlungisi mvoko, eastern cape mec for finance and economic development , mr. mongameli bobani, executive mayor of the nelson mandela bay metro, and dr. song haiyan, ceo of aberdare, together pressed the launch button. the grand ceremony ended satisfactorily.