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hengtong has launched two novel 180 micron smf,  bonecom®smini-g.652.d series used for man and trunk transmission network and bendcom®smini-g.657.a2 series with excellent bending performance. compared with the traditional 245 micron fiber and 200 micron small diameter fiber, the novel fiber has a smaller size of 180 microns, a reduction of around 30% and 10% respectively. the fiber has less cost, better attenuation and more stable cabling process when applied to ultra-small air blowing micro cable and ultra-dense optical cable.

the parameters of two novel products accord with the itu-t g.652.d and itu-t g.657.a2 international standard and are fully compatible with the traditional smf. bonecom®smini-g.652.d series are more suitable for high density optical cable and air blowing micro cable used in pipelines. compared with the traditional smf, 30% more bonecom® fibers could be contained in the same size cable and thus the communication capacity will be increased. and the cable size will be largely reduced while using the same amount of fibers, which can save the cable manufacturing cost.

bendcom®smini-g.657.a2 has excellent bend-resistant performance and can be applied to many scenarios. with this small size fiber, the cable can be microminiaturized and specially used in the narrow space with very small bending radius and in the small connector box, which can avoid squeezing the fiber and facilitate the installation.

hengtong has been committed to developing high performance fiber. the successfully development of 180 micron thin fiber marks hengtong’s another step in fiber miniaturization. based on independent intellectual property rights, hengtong will continue the research of fiber miniaturization and provide more possibility and space for cable design.