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we develop the new market mainly through lighting fair before,we know alibaba from one seller of alibaba,he introduced us many knowledges that how to sell by network,we had a little hesitation at that time,but we decide to have a try after i asked some my friend who are using alibaba.we signed three years contract at the fist time.later’s result shows that ours decision are wise.

the fist order we gained from alibaba tradmanager,i could clearly remembered that day,the workers have been off duty expect some sellers still in the office at night,one turkey customer send information to us by alibaba,he asked whether we could do oem glass lighting,i let him send the pictures to us by e-mail. after checked the design,we found they are very simple,they just fall into our manufature group,we quoted him in a very short time,maybe he knew we that are a very professional manufacture of glass lamps by the quickly response and reasonable price.everything goes well as the expect,we signed four containers order,now this customer have become to be one of ours  ld vip customer.