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on august 15th, hengtong received a group of important guests—family members. it’s the open day held by the international business group (ibg) under the theme of “thank you for being together with me”. hengtongers would share the weal and woe at work with their loved ones presentand enhance the bonds between their families and their company. 


10 families and 32 members attended the event. all of them were excited, chatting with each other, with the children running around. 

a tour to exhibition hall with imagination


as the first stop, the families arrived at the exhibition hall by tour bus. here they had a precise and comprehensive introduction of hengtong group. “you will have questions to answer after the tour, so listen carefully!” the guide kindly mentioned.


“this video is like the games i play!” “is this (intelligent community) a sea-view house?” “this (optical fiber) must be used to knit a sweater!” “this (power transmission and distribution projects) is the eiffel tower!” infinite imagination of the children led us to a deeper understanding of hengtong group.


a lot of fun with games and interaction


for the second stop, we came to a tea party with delicious fruits and snacks, delicate thank-you letters, and handbag tags with the kids’ names as gifts. all the preparations were aimed at leaving a warm memory that the families would never forget.


at the party, the host interviewed the kids on what they think about their parents’ work in hengtong, and also invited them to join in quizzes on knowledge of hengtong. they really had a good time because many of them were highly excited and frequently raised hands to participate. one of them is named yifan pan who put up his hand for many times to answer questions. how lively the scene was and studious the children were!

among the families present, there were two hengtongers still staying abroad. to involve them into the exciting atmosphere at the party, we contacted them by video call. “dad, i miss you a lot! i hope you can spend more time with me later…” wangyan zhuang spokewith a tender and warm voice to her father who’s still on an overseas post, making him almost burst into tears. “you are working hard there to connect the world, and i will support you at home!”


like wangyan zhuang’s father, many other hengtongers are working abroad without enough time for their families. but hengtong is standing together with them and backing up them, putting their anxiety at ease.


making colorful pottery plates together  


at last, we arranged a parent-child activity for our hengtongers and their families. this activity was themed as “eat well with colorful plates.” each family completed an art work with creativity, during which the children experienced the special process of making a clay plate. afterwards, they took pictures to record the moment. these hand-made clay plates will be fired into pottery and become a memory never forgotten, with the color on them never fade.


the first open day for family members in 2020 ended up as a success. in doing so hengtong said a big thankyou to our loved ones for always being together with us! let’s go forward hand in hand and embrace a brighter future!