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Different Treatments available for Traumatic Alopecia

Different Treatments availble for Traumatic Alopecia

Hair loss has several types in which traumatic alopecia is experienced by several people who recently took cosmetic procedures. If you are suffering from this type of problem, then you need to visit the specialist as soon as possible, so that you can get the right treatment on time.

A recent study reveals that these days, millions of people are suffering from stress and depression because of excessive hair fall. Hair has several types but the majority of people are suffering from dread hair loss. There are several reasons behind hair fall, in which genetic reason is on the peak. Well, millions of people also experience traumatic alopecia, which is caused due to cosmetic treatments. If you are suffering from this type of hair fall, then you need to undergo a hair transplant, since it will give you effective results according to your problem.

Causes of Traumatic Alopecia

Well, this treatment is usually experienced by women around the peripheral of the scalp. In addition to this, as stated above, the main cause of this problem is the side effects of certain cosmetic procedures. Or when you use too many cosmetic hair fall procedures, you will surely experience the traumatic alopecia. Several other causes of this type of hair fall is-:

  • The use of hair extensions or weaves that are clipped to the hair
  • Chemical hair treatments, such as straightening or perming the hair
  • Routinely use of compression helmets, especially which are worn while playing.
  • Overuse of hair-straightening products
  • Tight braids or ponytails put stress on the hair
  • Routine use of hair dyes
  • Habitual pulling, twisting, and plucking of the hair

In these conditions, you must go with hair loss surgery, so that you can get your hair back. This is the best way to get rid of any type of hair fall.

Treatment of Traumatic Alopecia

In order to treat traumatic alopecia, you must change your hair styling habits. You must avoid using too many chemicals and hair products as well. In addition, you must talk to a doctor, because only he can treat you well according to your condition.

LLLT-: This Stands for low-level laser therapy, in which your surgeon uses light energy in order to increase blood flow to the affected area for hair regrowth.

FUE hair transplant-: FUE hair transplant is a type of hair transplant, that is known as follicular unit extraction. In this treatment option, the surgeon collects the single hair graft from the donor area and then transplant that to the affected area. This is the best treatment, that does not result in scarring and any other type of side effect. So, you must go with this hair loss treatment option.

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