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Cure for baldness now affordable

Hair and skin factory is India’s number one upcoming dermatology destination”

A brand found to take care of all the hair and skin related issues for people of all ages. The parent company named SRS wellness was found in the year 2012 by Ms. Shelly Lather.A visionary entrepreneur hailing from Haryana. she has been serving the industry of cosmetic and dermatology domain over a decade with the pure intention and passion of the industry

Dealing with lifestyles related issues

Themedical science is advancing at record speed and keeping updated on subjects is mandatory. Dealing with lifestyles related issues such as hair related and skin related problems require a lot of expertise, hence the company doesn’t compromise on standards and quality of services provided to the public. Easy access to all advanced medical equipment and industry knowledge over the years has been an added advantage. 

All the treatment Packages are tailor-made in such a way that its accessible to people from all segments of the society 

OurTreatmentsand procedures are at affordable prices without compromising in the Quality of the treatment ,Even though the cost of medicines and medical equipment are soaring high. We have hired highly trained and professional team members who are committed to serving more than 2000 happy and satisfied patients with utmost care every month.

Hair and skin factory will continue to strive for more success and keep up the values it is built on. Instituted in 2012 in Pune with a workforce of 3 people ,the company is witnessing an expeditious growth over the last seven years with 22 branches and over 250 employees across India, which many other brands only dream about .We have branches in all the metro and cosmopolitan cities.

India has welcomed hair and skin factory with open hands 

 We have our clinics in Aurangabad , mumbai and 2 centres in pune,the new upcoming branches are in Nasik and Kolhapur.The aim is to have branches all over India, with the booming medical tourism sector the brand is all set to expand its services to the world.

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