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Coloring After Hair Transplant – Safe?

Coloring After Hair Transplant Safe

Hair transplantation is the most effective option for dealing with hair loss and balding. Following the instructions after the surgery is very important. If you plan to dye the hair then discuss with your surgeon first and then plan something. To know more about dying the hair read the topic given below.

The treatment of hair transplant is one of the best options available for hair loss. During the surgery, the hair is taken from the donor area one by one. Once, the hair follicles are taken they will be transplanted to the problematic area. This process allows the hair to grow naturally and the regrowth of hair is strong & healthy.

Well, aftercare following hair transplant surgery is very essential. One question which many people ask is whether they can color the hair after the treatment.

Is it possible to color the hair after a hair transplant?

When you get the hair transplant it can be very helpful in improving the self-esteem and look of the person. No doubt, you can show your hair again. One problem is that you might be dying the natural hair which might start showing. You need to consult your surgeon as they will give you the best advice and let you know what you need to do.

About Hair dyes

Many people dye their hair so that they can hide the grey hair. Additionally, before getting the surgery, you might have done that and this means you have enough time before doing it again as they grow grey again. You can do it a few days before the surgery as the scalp will get the dye. This can make it difficult for the incisions to be visible properly.

Keep in mind that, hair dyes contain harsh chemicals, some of them have bleaching agents and peroxides. The transplanted hair is very sensitive as compared to natural hair. So, you need to avoid getting them in contact with any harsh chemicals. If you do not take precaution then it can increase the risk.

So, you should wait for some time to dye the hair because damaging the hair follicles is not the best option to see the desired results.

How much time should I wait?

According to experts, it is best if you have to wait for 4 weeks minimum following the hair transplantation surgery. Give time to your scalp to heal properly. The healing process can be very different from patient to patient so you need to patient. It would be even better if you wait for 6 weeks because at this point the incisions are healed properly.

When you plan to dye the hair get it done professionally as they will pick the best product which suits your hair.

For further information or any query, you can contact our surgeon for the best advice and treatment.

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