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Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that affects you more than your physical appearance. The people suffering from hair loss undergo a storm of negative emotions like depression and loss of self-esteem. They are depressed with the way they look and get frustrated when the various options don’t work in their favor. They become hopeless due to […]


Female Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

Many people are under the impression that only males face the problem of hair loss. However, that is a myth. Women are as much prone to hair loss as their male counterparts. They are equally vulnerable to feelings of low self-esteem and plummeting self-confidence due to the loss of their precious assets. The condition can […]


Hair Loss And Thinning Due To Protein Deficiency

Hair loss is a common condition that is experienced by thousands of people these days. This condition is experienced by several reasons such as poor eating habits, over hair-styling, scalp condition, and certain medical conditions. You may not know that several people experience hair loss and thinning due to nutrient deficiency as well. Hair loss […]


What is Non Scarring Alopecia and its Types?

A full headed individual appears to be youthful and impressive. However, if you are dealing with hair loss and thinning hair, you will not be visually appealing. If you qualify in the second category, you will have to take concrete measures to improve your hair growth and appearance, otherwise, only the option of a hair […]


Restore High Volume of Hair with FUE Hair Transplant

Some people equate hair loss with the advancing age. Some, however, would not want to go bald so soon. Of course, you can do little to counter the effects of aging but you can do a lot to maintain your head with full hair. If you have started witnessing hair loss, you can opt for […]


Relationship between adrenal fatigue and Hair loss

Hair loss has many repercussions besides botching up the looks of the patient. It can often lead to low self-confidence and depression in extreme cases. If you find yourself in such a situation then there is help from the medical field: hair transplant. Though the hair transplant surgery will significantly improve the way your head […]


How is Immune System Related in Lupus Hair Loss?

In the current times, even young people seem to be suffering from extreme hair loss. It is not surprising that the procedure of hair transplant is gaining popularity. Hair loss may occur due to many problems, of which Lupus is one. In this post, we aim to shed light on this condition so that people […]


Is Hair Transplant Different for Curly Hair and Straight Hair

Hair loss is a common condition, which is experienced by almost everyone in his life. If you are also suffering from hair fall, then do not take tension about anything because there are so many treatment options are available these days for hair loss. In which hair transplant is the best, which has two primary […]


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