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Is it ideal for women to go for hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the ideal way to treat hair loss and balding problems. The problem is common for both men and women. But, people often think that whether undergoing the treatment of transplantation is the ideal choice for women. Read the given topic to understand this in a better manner. Losing hair can become a […]


Facts related to Genetic Factors of hair loss

Several forms of hair loss, in which male pattern baldness is the common condition in both sexes. This is caused due to genetic reasons, that’s why this is also known as hereditary hair fall. In order to get detailed information about this type of hair fall, you need to consult a hair loss specialist. Hair […]


Tips to Reduce Bleeding After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the best way to get rid of hair fall condition in both sexes. You must get information about hair fall reasons and how much hair you have. You must consult a doctor so that you can get a proper check-up. For detailed information, you must read this article at the end. Millions […]


Tips to Go Back to work after hair Transplant

Male pattern baldness often becomes an undesirable trait with unfavorable repercussions. However, help is available in the form of a hair transplant. No doubt, hair transplant surgery is the best solution to your hair loss woes. The process starts with a primary meeting you will have with the surgeon. The session will constitute discussions regarding […]


Different Treatments available for Traumatic Alopecia

Hair loss has several types in which traumatic alopecia is experienced by several people who recently took cosmetic procedures. If you are suffering from this type of problem, then you need to visit the specialist as soon as possible, so that you can get the right treatment on time. A recent study reveals that these […]


Hypopituitarism And Hair Loss Problem

There are many reasons for hair loss. While many blame their genes or stress for a bald head, the actual reason may be quite different. Hormonal deficiency can also be a probable cause. The condition is known as hypopituitarism, which means the decreased secretion of hormones. While many alternative methods are available, the last resort […]


Is Itching after Hair Transplant Normal?

Undergoing the treatment of hair transplantation can be exciting as it is going to solve your issue of hair loss. But one thing which patients worry about is the itching part. Is this normal and what should be done. Read the given topic to understand whether itching is part of the hair growth. When we […]


Does Hair Transplant Scars Stay forever?

A hair transplant is a process by which you can revive your dwindling hair stock. The hair transplant surgery is a procedure in which your hair at the abundant site is extracted and grafted onto the site with scarce hair. Many people opt for it every year. However, undergoing it poses a lot of questions […]


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