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Transplanting Hair: A Golden Treatment for your Baldness

There are a lot of treatments that can be performed to get rid of or rectify baldness, best among the herd is Hair Transplant.
Hair transplant was a major setback due to complications that might occur and the cost of the operation. With the increase in competition for Hair Transplant in Gurugram, the cost of having hair transplantation took a fall and the complications were killed by the advancement of technology and science.
Hair Transplant in Gurugram has made his way to the peak with years of competition and advancement.
The advancement has relieved so many people from problems of baldness. The moving city of Gurugram has risen in pollution with air pollution as one of its major problems. Moreover, the sedentary lifestyle of people has made them much more prone to diseases and health problems such as Hair Loss.
Are you eligible enough for the hair transplant?
Although you need to know a few basic things to start your journey of being Shah Rukh again, there is not much that stops you from being a good candidate for Hair Transplant.

Some Basic Requirements:


If the baldness occurs due to some hereditary characters or some Male Patterns of baldness then you are quite a candidate for the hair transplant.

Old Age:

With you getting old, your productive and regenerative cells weaken. Hair Transplant is much easy and effective in the young generation in comparison to people who are living a sedentary life of being a parent of two. A lot of factors determine the effectiveness of the process such as


The most important of all that determines how your hair will look at the quality of the donated hair.
If it involves another person, it involves thickness, shine and growth rate of his hair. If the hair is from the body of the patient, they will be slow generative, thin and lusterless nevertheless.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

It all ends up with the health of the person, doesn’t it? If the patient has a good lifestyle, he drinks a lot of water, eats healthy food, exercises regularly, and has proper sleep, the chance is, the success rate will be 100%.

Smoking kills and makes you bald

Smoking damages the liver damages your productive tissues and brings you a lot of pain in different ways. Smoking reduces the amount of blood that needs to flow to the scalp of the head. This, in turn, reduces the number of hair follicles which are of the essential nutrient for growth.

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